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  • Dog wonderland

    I’m so glad I learned about this place. It make going away easier. ILA is very much a dog person. I have 2 tiny dogs and before I was always worried Incase they were miss treated. When I take them to stay there they are very excited to see her and I can tell they love her. Full of kisses and cuddles. She reassure me every day when I’m gone with videos and pictures. I even felt like a jealous mum watching how much fun they were having lol. They play with other dogs that are safe around them which I love to see and there is lots of space to run around. Sleeping rooms is the size of my own bedroom. Not the same as most kennels. I go away more often now thanks to ila. I know they don’t suffer. They are too busy having fun to think of me. I’m lucky. Thanks ❤️

    Sophia, United Kingdom
    November 02, 2019

  • Best place for dogs

    Best place for dogs

    1. ILA'S WORLD is the wonderful place for dogs. We had to leave Samui for 3 days. And left our small dog Filip here. Usually he is very upset without us. He likes a lot of hug and needs a lot attention. But when we saw pictures and videos of Ila, we were very surprised. He plaid with Ila and other dogs. He was really happy! Ila gave him a lot of attention and hugs, good food and place. He could run and play, sleep and do what he wants. This place is dog heaven. Filip looked very healthy, happy and clean. He didnt want to leave this place! Thank you, Ila! You are very professional and we will back to you!

    Anton, Russian Federation
    April 07, 2019

  • Sebastian

    We were on holiday in Thailand. We had a really nice time. We went from Bangkok to Koh samui. During our stay We found a little puppy who was 3 months old and we really wanted to take him with us. But we could not take him with us to the Netherlands because he needed a lot of injections, a bloodtest and The Netherlands needed to know for sure that the dog was healthy to come to Europe. So we needed a place for Sebastian where he could stay because we had to go back to Holland. We found a really nice place called Illa’s World, a dog hotel. Our dog, Sebastian, could stay there for as long as he needed to be till everything was arranged to come to The Netherlands. It took 5 months in total. We were so happy he had a good and nice place to stay! He had enough space; an inside area and outside area. We were happy to found this place! Illaria was really kind and send us photo’s and small movies of Sebastian during his stay. She helped us with all the paperwork. She took care of Sebastian if it was here own dog. Here place is really the best stay you can give to your dog. Now Sebastian is in Holland. Thank you so much Ilaria for everything.

    Shamé and Elvis , Netherlands
    September 15, 2018

  • Thank you for taking such good care of Thaily!

    Thank you for taking such good care of Thaily!

    Thaily have been staying with Ila for more than 3 months while wating to be approved to fly to long way to Denmark. Ila's help has been invaluable! Would not have dreamed of a better caretaker for all this time. Thanks so much - I will recommend Ilaria and Ila's World to everyone I know. Love u! XX Janne & Thaily

    Janne Vibeholm, Denmark
    July 30, 2018

  • Wow experience!

    Wow experience!

    My puppy Leo stayed at Ila's World for a week while I had to go away on a business/family trip. We did a site visit the week before and loved the grounds, Ila was very professional and informative and friendly. Throughout the week, she sent lovely photos/videos and updates and dropped off my dog happy and even more well-behaved than he was before. I was really impressed with her organization, as well as her genuine care and attention for the dogs. 100% would recommend! And next time I'm back in Thailand and needing somewhere to send Leo, this will be my go-to. Thank you Ila!

    Alice, Canada
    June 25, 2018

  • Very great service

    Very great service

    My two dogs had a lovely time at Ila's. They stayed in a spacious kennel and had access to a big grassed area where they could fool around. I was in touch with Ila during the entire stay receiving news and pictures of my doggies. I have already book two more stays for them. I would definitely recommend her. She is great! Thank you Ila

    Sophie, Thailand
    April 17, 2018

  • Perfection!

    My dog had a wonderful stay. She was treated just the way I would treat her. I knew she was in very safe hands. She was played with, taken for walks etc. I was also updated regularly with photos and messages to put my mind at ease as I was away from her for a month! Would definitely recommend Ila’s World and I will for sure be booking my dog in with Illaria again. Fantastic service!

    Becky , Thailand
    April 16, 2018

  • a second home

    Ila had my dog here for a month. During that time she treated her like she was her own. She took her for walks every day, often more than once, and fed her better than I do. She was always keeping an eye on her and fussed over her like a caring mother. Her facilities are first class and are a very safe, quiet and out of the way spot were every dog has it's own large and comfortable space while right next to larger play areas available as suits the individual dog. She has the best facilities on Koh Samui and is about half the price of other facilities. I will gladly use her place again and I'm sure my dog thinks of her place as a second home. It's safe, clean, well designed and looked after by a knowing, caring highly professional woman.

    RD, Thailand
    November 03, 2017

  • Highly recommend Ila’s world

    Highly recommend Ila’s world

    We left our two dogs for 9 days. It’s a great place, Ila was very knowledgeable and great with the dogs. We’ll be using her every time we go away. Great value for money and peace of mind the dogs are in good care.

    Jenny Brewster, United Kingdom
    November 02, 2017

  • We highly recommend Ila's World

    Our Pickle stayed with Ilaria for one month. She did a marvelous job. He came home looking fit and happy. We can highly recommend Ila's world for boarding your fur babies with her.

    Barbara Croft, Thailand
    October 18, 2017

  • Best dog hotel on the island

    My husband and I have lived on Samui for quite some time and it has been difficult when we have to go and leave our dogs behind. We were really blessed to find Ilarias place. The dogs are given a very spacious area of their own with inside and outside so they can run around and play in an open and free area as well as sheltered during the night or on a hot day during their stay. These are definitely the most spacious we have seen on the island and for our American staff, it was nice to see him able to run around as well as have his own little house. Ilaria cared for him very well and kept in contact with photos and emails to let us see how he was doing. This made us feel at ease and we knew our boy was having a nice time and enjoying his stay with her. We know he was also well fed and bathed as requested. We could not have asked for a nicer, more pleasant and most importantly quality of service at such an affordable price. We would recommend to everyone. This is the place - hands down - best on the island!

    David and Grecelle Cornock, United Kingdom
    September 18, 2017

  • We will be back!!!

    Our dog stayed at this beautiful dog hotel for almost 2 months and he loved it. He had a very big and clean kennel and was looked after very well by the owner. Ilaria is a very nice and caring person, who takes it very serious to meet the needs of each individual dog. We were updated the entire time with news and pictures and that just made it so much easier for us to enjoy our holidays. Highly recommend the place and we will definitely be back!

    Michaela, Thailand
    September 09, 2017

  • Perfect Dog Hotel

    Let me express my deepest appreciation for taking care of dog. She is so happy and not stressed at all. If you need a dog hotel this the right place for it. Strongly recommend it. Clean and big kennels, friendly environment, Ila is responsible and welcome person. Thank you and hope to see you soon! Julia

    Julia, Thailand
    August 11, 2017

  • Riley

    Riley has stayed with Ilaria at her wonderful Dog Hotel several times since it opened, as we travel a lot. Riley jumps out of the car when we arrive and can't wait to see Ilaria. He gets lots of walks and is so happy there, he doesn't want to leave! I was sent videos of him on his daily walks, and text messages to keep me updated that all was well. We plan to continue to use this service several times a year, as we feel Riley is super happy there, and we feel totally reassured.

    Jane , United Kingdom
    August 04, 2017

  • Bright, clean comfortable & friendly

    Ila's world recently took care of our 2 dogs. It was the 1st time we have ever left them and of course were nervous. But it turned out there was no need to stress. The dogs were cared for in a bright spacious kennel with plenty of outside space. We were sent photos and videos to keep our minds at rest. Very happy with there service will definitely use them again.

    Ian, United Kingdom
    July 26, 2017